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Covers of FurryPhile issues 1-7

FurryPhile was a furry zine for mature readers.[1]

Seven issues of FurryPhile were published by SilverFox Publications. After that, issues 8-10 were published as FurryPhile Magazine by WitchCat Design Studio.[1]


FurryPhile contained furry pinups, comics, and text stories by various authors and artists.[1]

Issue 1[edit]

Issue 2[edit]

Issue 3[edit]

Issue 4[edit]

Issue 5[edit]

Issue 6[edit]

Issue 7[edit]

Issue 7 included cover art by Matt J. McCullar, and interior art and stories by Gary Akins, Jr., Bill Burke, Bernard Doove, Adrian Fields, Foxy!, Mark Freid, Jack Furlong, Brock Hoagland, Kishma, London, Oscar Marcus, Matt J. McCullar, Annette Miller, Brian Miller, Jody J. Morgan, Abigail Namocatcat, C.K. Penchant, Albert Rainwater, Mike Reed, Sky Rigdon, Kris Rupert, Will Sanborn, Chris Sawyer, Bill Schmickle, Terrie Smith, Brad Starkey, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Mike Treggett, Sean Wilkinson, Lance Williams, and Tan Wingate.[2]

Issue 8[edit]

Contributors to issue 8 included Gary Atkins, Jr., Thomas G. Brady, Bill Fitts, Jack Furlong, Brock Hoagland, Zephery Hughes, J. Thomas, Pelzig, Sky Rigdon, Bill Schmickle, Sean Wilkinson, "plus many more".[3]

Issue 9[edit]

Issue 9 featured sixty pages of art and stories by Gary Akins, Jr., Bernard Doove, Foxy, Mark Freid, Matt J. McCullar, Brian McPherson, Will Sanborn, Bill Schmickle, and "many more".[4]

Issue 10[edit]

Issue 10 was sixty pages long, and featured:

  • Stories by Gary Akins, Jr., Thomas G. Brady, Will A. Sanborn, Jim Lai, and Steve Workman.
  • a comic strip by Po Shan Cheah.
  • Work by artists Bernard Doove, Foxy, Mark Freid, Jack Furlong, Brian McPherson, J. Thomas, Sean Wilkinson, Zarkell, "plus many more".[5]


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