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Furry Night
Furry Night
Status proposed
First iteration 8 December 2018
Organizer(s) Furry Night
Subject Furry, Rave

Furry Night, or FN, is the first furry rave party to happen in Argentina.

FurryNight's first edition will take place on December 8th, 2018. Depending on popular demand, it's planned to have more editions in the future.


Everything started on August 4th, 2018, during a furmeet, in which we decided to celebrate all our friends' December birthdays with one big furry party.

And so planning began; we started looking for a place to rent, consoles and computers to play games, plus other activities, until it became a bigger and public event.

That's how the big ball of ideas started taking shape and in less than three weeks we created the event: "FurryNight".

In October 13th Patas Arriba gave us a space to talk about the event during the transmission of it's bi-weekly stream.


FurryNight has a mascot: Rey.


The event will take place at Farfalla's Theater in CABA, Buenos Aires.


Furry Night host several activities among them:


Year Theme Dates Attendance Fursuiters Guests of Honor Location
2018 Furry Night 2018 December 8 86 36 - La Farfalla - CABA, Buenos Aires

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