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Furry Networks
Author(s) Owners: TigerPaw and Drakeoth
Status Offline
Launch date 1997
End date 2020
Genre Web services, cloud hosting

Furry Networks is a service that provides free web space to furries.

URL: http://www.furrynet.com


Furry Networks was started in late 1997 and ran thru February of 2020. It started on TigerPaw's home pc running Windows 95 was connected to the internet via a cable modem connection providing just a few websites. Over the years the service grew with faster servers and better connections to the internet. Towards the end of Furry Networks tenure it was providing website hosting, email and streaming services to the Furry Fandom.


The site is offline as of the end of February 2020

Webhosting offered to the furry community
Open Registration
Restricted Registration
No New Sites
No longer offering hosting
Closed or defunct