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Author(s) Owner: Wulfie
  • Site Founder: Wulfie
  • Lead Admins: Wulfie
Launch date 30 March 2006 started as "Gerüchteküche"
  • 24 Janury 2011 moved as the mainpart of furrycentral.net
End Date Ongoing
Genre Community
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FurryCentral started originally as "Gerüchteküche" (german for rumor mill), a small german fun-project, where furs could find out, whether there are rumors about them in furry-fandome. The website was created by Wulfie in 2006, and over the years it developed to a big and well used german furry-related website.

In January 2011 it moved as the main part to its new location http://furrycentral.net

The Modules[edit]

The Website uses modules. They are described below.

Rumor Mill[edit]

This module (if activated) allows any registered user to receive rumours (anonymous or not) about themselves. The users - most of whom are members of the German furry fandom (at the moment) - can then decide whether they want to publish the rumour; they can judge whether it is true, partly true or wrong, and add a comment.



  • 1.500 users (mainly german)
  • over 20.000 rumors
  • over 21.000 rumor-comments
  • about 300 unique visitors per day