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Furry 4 Life
Furry 4 Life.jpg
"A network for people who identify as furries and live the lifestyle"
Author(s) Owners: Shy Matsi Lupine
Launch date August 2008
End Date Ongoing
Genre Social network service
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Furry 4 Life, also known as F4L, is a furry-themed G-rated social networking site created by Shy Matsi Lupine, aimed at furry lifestylers. Furry 4 Life has a sister site, the Furries Xtreme social networking site, that is adult-rated.


Shy started the site in August of 2008. Furry 4 Life was built using Ning, a service that allows one to create their own social networking site. As of January 6th, 2014:

  • 20,015 Member Accounts
  • 3,200 Member created Groups
  • 117,515 Photos
  • 6,650 Videos
  • 51,700 Songs and other sound files
  • 7,560 Forum Topics
  • 339 Events
  • 7,000 Blogs

Features and services[edit]

Furry 4 Life features several different components, including:

  • The ability to create your own page, similar to MySpace or MyFursona
  • An integrated chat room
  • An instant messaging feature
  • An events page, which lists upcoming conventions or meets
  • An image gallery
  • A video gallery of user-uploaded content, similar to YouTube
  • A forum
  • A Groups feature, in which users can join or create groups such as Music Furs, West Coast Furs, Furry Space Pirates, and more
  • A Gadgets page, which features games users can play
  • Open Social Applications that users can embed into their profile such as BuddyPoke allows users on a social network to customize a character and have it interact with other characters in the BuddyPoke world. The character users can customize has generic ear templates, fur textures and a variety of colors so that furs can customize one almost completely to look like their fursona.

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