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FNL, Furros de Nuevo León, by ArtemisTheFox.

Furros de Nuevo León (FNL) started on September 18, 2010, in order to provide all the furries located in the state of Nuevo León a place where they could meet one another. [1]


FNL, Furros de Nuevo León, picture taken by Zorru.

Within the furry community, FNL existed under different names and forms of organization, being its first appearance as Dark Claw in 2006, being before a group of young furries who took on the task of gathering and uniting people with the same interests (as long as they reside in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico). It was early 2010 that the group adopted the name Furros de Nuevo León, now focused, gathering now around 100 of local furs in the city.

In 2012, FNL achieved a broader audience, when both, the administrators and the Team Reuters, worked together to create a documentary about the Furry Fandom, which was bradcast on diferent websites, including different local and international TV Channels, thus showing the Latin American fandom to the community.

Since then, FNL appeared in different media, including the local newspaper El Norte, being the most important in Monterrey, where the main topics about the fandom in Monterrey were spoken.

In November 17, 2012, FNL made a furmeet where different furs all over Mexico assisted. The furmeet was known as Furry Rev 2012, and event that lasted 2 days and more than 50 furs collaborated.


FNL counts with 4 admins and 2 moderators:


  • Leo (El carnal del Cleme)
  • Drakun
  • Norbi
  • Artemis


  • Ludren
  • Zorru

Everyone of them partake in all the activities for the group.


FNL, Furros de Nuevo León, by Ludren.

FNL's pet's name is "Nubo", a blue wolf. As a local media for Nubo, there's a comic strip under the title "Nubo: el Lobo Regio".


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