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FAASA, also known as Furries Against Animal Sexual Abuse, was a short-lived protest group formed in August, 1999, in reaction to a the population and activities of bestialists and zoophiles in Furry Fandom. Although the group did not advocate violence of any kind or any other illegal form of activity, its founders believed that proponents of bestiality should be exposed to constant public ridicule so as to encourage their departure from the fandom at large.


Reaction to FAASA's formation were swift and vicious. The second post made after the declaration of the group's existence was by Farlo Fey Dragon, and ranged through a gamut of accusations that invoked the Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism, and several poetic allusions to religious zealotry.

Whether they were true or not, Farlo's accusations were taken up and largely repeated by others who sought to criticize FAASA. One of those opposed to FAASA, Manawolf, wrote an extended essay stating her problems with the group and disputing the group's claims on a point-by-point basis.


FAASA proponents felt as if they were shouted down by their opposition every time they attempted to post on the subject and the group gave up the effort after only a month in September of 1999. One month later, Richard de Wylfin posted to alt.fan.furry that an anonymous poster to the Burned Furs message board stated that FAASA was actually an organization created by Daphne Lage. Neither claim has ever been substantiated.

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