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Author(s) Shy Matsi Lupine
Status Offline (as of 25 January 2023)
Launch date November 2008
Genre Social network service
Web NC-17

FurriesXtreme, also known as FX, is a furry-themed adult-rated social networking site. Its sister site, Furry 4 Life, is G-rated. Shy Matsi Lupine created the site using the open-source Dolphin platform.

The mascot of FurriesXtreme is an adult husky named Boxtor "Boxty" Huskie.[1]


Shy started the site in November of 2008. FurriesXtreme was originally built using Ning, a service that allows one to create their own social networking site. FurriesXtreme was built to answer the needs of users who wanted a social network for adults.

One month later, Ning announced that it was ending support for adult social networks on their platform. To keep the community going, Shy moved the site to the SocialGo Platform for adult networks, Zocku, where for over a year, it was thriving.

Due to the rising costs of this platform, Shy looked for more solutions and then moved it onto his own server. Using Dolphin, a BoonEx open-source software solution, FurriesXtreme had a new home.

As of 25 January 2024, FurriesXtreme (and its sister sites) have been offline, due to the site's host (a domain reseller) passing away. and GoDaddy terminating the sites from unpaid bills. The latest backups GoDaddy has for the sites are roughly three years old at 500GB, and could be fully restored for $3000 USD.[2]


On early 2011, the site had:

  • 4,580 members.

On early January 6th 2014, the site had:

  • 17,710 Members (15,916 male, 1,209 female, 247 trans, 338 other)
  • 591 Member created groups
  • 1,334 Blogs
  • 24 Events
  • 70,252 Photos
  • 3,462 Videos
  • 524 Sounds and Music files
  • 954 Forum posts

Features and services[edit]

FurriesXtreme features several different components, including:

  • The ability to create and customize your own page, similar to MySpace or MyFursona
  • An integrated chat room
  • An instant messaging feature
  • An events page, which lists upcoming conventions or meets
  • An image gallery
  • A video gallery of user-uploaded content, similar to YouTube
  • A forum
  • A Groups feature, in which users can join or create groups such as Music Furs, West Coast Furs, Furry Space Pirates, and more
  • Comment Walls
  • Friend Activity Timeline
  • Onsite Mailbox, send users private messages
  • Furry Spy, an activity tracker
  • Locator, find furs near you using the World Map or Zip Code searches
  • Sites Listing, users can add their favorite sites
  • Sounds Gallery, users can add their own sound galleries and share with the rest of the site


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  2. https://furriesunleashed.org/node/1

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