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Author(s) Founder: SeinKraft
  • Administrators: SeinKraft
  • Moderators: Blaya
Launch date June 04, 2008 - July 20, 2008 (image board, as Antropomorfos.org)
  • July 20, 2008 - July 24, 2008 (community)
  • July 24, 2008 (as FurPiled.com)
End Date March 2011
Genre Imageboard
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For the American comic series, see Fur-Piled.

FurPiled.com (formerly Antropomorfos.org) was an Argentininan furry and yiffy image board with a tag and search system.


The site was created on June 04, 2008 as a general furry image board under the name Antropomorfos.org. It stayed in this format until July 20, 2008, when the administrators took the server offline and reopen it as a furry community with more varied content for its online users such as a forum, a user group page, and a news section, among others.

By July 24th, the site was rolled back to its original use and content.

Sadly, the site has been offline since late March of 2011 with no word as to when if ever it will be working again.

Update as of April 20, 2011: furpiled.com leads to a 403 Forbidden error page, which could indicate it is under construction in preparation to open once more.

Update as of September 19, 2011: visiting furpiled.com results in being asked for username and password, and without a username a guest gets a 401 Authorization Required error page.

As of Dec 2014, the site no longer prompts for a username, and appears to be fully offline.

Policies and content[edit]

Uploading of photographic child pornography or bestiality pornography media was not permitted, and uploading of images from paysites was discouraged, with the exception of a few images (usually for publicity purposes).

People must have had a FurPiled account to upload images to FurPiled.

Additionally, any post could be deleted without notice if they failed to meet a standard of quality as determined by the moderators (i.e. poorly drawn or badly compressed art).

Images could be filtered by placing ratings (i.e. rating:e) on the tag blacklist.

Server, software and features[edit]

FurPiled.com ran a Shimmie2 derivative whith a custom template as well as some bugfixes and custom created add ons.


It utilized folksonomy, or collaborative user tagging, as a means of identifying and narrowing classification of images, and, unlike most Wakaba-based imageboards such as fchan:

  • did not have separate boards for particular art topics
  • did not have threads
  • did not encourage reposting of previously-posted images which have been deleted along with their threads by imageboard moderators (rather, images are extensively archived)

Narrowing of images by user-ascribed tags was done through combining tags in URLs (such as http://www.furpiled.com/post/list/clean+tiger/1 or http://www.furpiled.com/post/list/clean+tiger+-male/1, the latter of which was for subtracting images which contain "male").

Client software[edit]

FPS link button

In November, 10th 2008 the second version of the Suite were released - then under the new Name FurPiled Suite (formerly Antropomorfos Suite).[1]

Current version: (June, 6th 2009)

The Windows application bundle included:

  • Uploader
  • Mass Downloader
  • Local Database Viewer (for downloaded files)
  • Excellent Tag and Search Term Editor

Download of the Windows version

Official quote from the Wiki-Page of the Suite:

We strive to improve our image board and to offer our visitors a comfortable web platform.

Since many submissions are very important for the success of FurPiled.com, we are trying to make the upload process much easier.

The "FurPiled Suite" is a tool-box that allows you to handle actions like uploading without even visiting our website. But the tool-box also includes tools for automatic download of pictures you prefer as well as a local database viewer which can search downloaded images by their tags.

All of the software are Windows 32-Bit applications, developed by dracenmarx with high precision and long testing phases.


RSS and Cooliris[edit]

FurPiled.com utilized RSS for syndication of images by tag or tag combination. It also used Cooliris as a way to display the most recently posted and RSS-syndicated images within a graphics-rich setting. The Cooliris plugin is only available for Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox on Windows, Mac OS X and iPhone OS.


  1. FurPiled Suite's wiki entry
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