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Furnetics front page

Furnetics (The world's only provider of customized genetic body modification solutions), is a hoax website project that portrays a genetic engineering and therapy company located in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator), Mongolia, that provides transformation services to turn regular humans into furries.

The company consists of the company itself, Furnetics, plus its research and development "branch", the Hephaestus Group.

There is "plans" abroad to build a research and development satellite office in Iran, thanks to its partnership with the "Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran" in 2015.


Created in 1998 by BlueOtter as a single humorous page, the influx of interest from members of the furry fandom who believed the site is real has prompted him to expand the site to look more professional and plausible.

Those who were duped by the hoax and sent e-mails to the site's contact information typically receive replies as if he were a representative of Furnetics with fictitious answers to their questions about the services.

The website is no longer active.

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