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FurNation Magazine #10

FurNation Magazine was an anthology of furry art, comics, and stories published by FurNation. The first issue, published in July 2000, included comics by K-9, WerePuppy, and Wookiee, and an exclusive story: "Caligula on the Caribbean" by Razee. The tenth and final issue was published in June 2008.[1]

The magazine was scheduled to release a new issue every Anthrocon and Further Confusion. The format from issue 8 going forward was three comics of eight to twelve pages each, one text story with or without illustrations and a gallery with several pinups by a featured artist.


Currently all issues of the magazine are out of print.

Issue # 1[edit]

  • Release Date: July 2000
  • Pages: 48
  • Cover Art: Wookiee
  • Contents: Fur and Fury part 1 by Werepuppy, Hitting the Showers part 1 by Wookiee, Malt Assault by K-9, Caligula on the Caribbean by Razee

Issue # 2[edit]

  • Release Date: July 2001
  • Pages: 52
  • Cover Art: Werepuppy
  • Contents: Fur and Fury part 2 by Werepuppy, Passion in the Dessert by Jes, Virtual Intimacy by Ian Rain Soulfox, Wolf Spirits by Wookiee, The Wanderer part 1 by Krahnos, Yuletide Gift by James Clapton

Issue # 3[edit]

  • Release Date: March 2003
  • Pages: 48
  • Cover Art: Werepuppy
  • Contents: Fur and Fury part 3 by Werepuppy, Prey for Me by Chris Sawyer, The Wanderer part 2 by Krahnos, A Trick of the Light by FuzzWolf

Issue # 4[edit]

  • Release Date: July 2003
  • Pages: 48
  • Cover Art: DemonPuppy
  • Contents: Fur and Fury part 4 by Werepuppy, Lioness by DemonPuppy, Hitting the Showers part 2 by Ferris and Wookiee, Rocketship Rodents part 0 by Trejaan and Werepuppy, Cheetah by Demonpuppy, Through the Dark Room by Marcelius Minotaur

Issue # 5[edit]

Issue # 6[edit]

Issue # 7[edit]

Issue # 8[edit]

  • Release Date: January 2007
  • Pages: 48
  • Cover Art: Valchev
  • Contents: Initiation by Helmeet El Gato, T.A.K.: The Case of the Dancing Doe part 2 by Ringtail Cafe, The Fall of Captain Triumph by Cyberklaw, The Encounter by Kadath, Gallery Feature: Grrrwolf

Issue # 9[edit]

  • Release Date: July 2007
  • Pages: 60
  • Cover Art: Grrrwolf and David Lillie
  • Contents: Fishing by artdecade, T.A.K.: The Case of the Dancing Doe part 3 by Ringtail Cafe, Dreamkeepers by David Lillie, A Constellation of Black on Black part 1 by Alex Vance, Gallery Feature: Kadath

Issue # 10[edit]

  • Release Date: June 2008
  • Pages: 86
  • Cover Art: Kadath
  • Contents: Necromancy by Kadath, New Hire Orientation by Bayson, Giving In by NecroDrone and Kadath, T.A.K.: The Case of the Dancing Doe part 4 by Ringtail Cafe, Displaced by Raziel and Kadath, Pulled Over by FuzzWolf and Obsidian Obelisk, A Constellation of Black on Black part 2 by Alex Vance, Bonus CD: Cars and Waves of Bliss (M4D Alternate Lyrics) by Sub-level 03


  1. FurNation Anthology Mag Issue #10

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