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Status Active
First iteration August 12, 2017
Subject Fursuiting, furry
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Furmusement (Korean: 퍼뮤즈먼트) is a South Korean furry convention that centers around fursuiting. Despite lasting only a day for each event, it was the first furry-related event to take place independently in South Korea.

Furmusement (edit)
Furmusement Logo.jpeg
Furmusement 2017
Furmusement 2018
Furmusement 2019
Furmusement 2020

Furmusement staff
Furmusement guests of honor


Furry fandom emerged in South Korea at a much later time period compared to their neighboring countries such as Japan and Taiwan. As such, the existent furry community in South Korea remained minor and rather private, and progress for meetups and conventions did not kick-off until the latter half of 2016. With no furry-based independent meetups nor conventions, most furries gathered in comic conventions (comic world) that was annually held in Seoul and Busan.

Furmusement was a convention that was idealized as a way to promote the fandom and create an opportunity for Korean fursuiters to appear in an event specifically for their hobby.

In January 2018, Tom, the leader, and choreographer of Furmusement resigned amid major controversy for monetary mismanagement and payment scandals[citation needed] within multiple different furry-based projects in South Korea. This resulted in Furmusement to become leaderless, and around the same time, announced their disbandment.

Furmusement returned to active status on 2020.


Furmusement I - 2017[edit]

The very first Furmusement took place on the first floor of Chungmu Arts Center located at Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea on August 12, 2017.[citation needed]

Furmusement 2020[edit]

Furmusement 2020 will be held on February 23, 2020[1] at Gwanak-gu, Haengun-dong.[2]


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