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Motto: A Fur-Friendly Community
Author(s) Owner:


Status Pre-Alpha
Launch date TBD
Genre Social Network

Furmunity ("Fur-myoo-nih-tee", Furry Community) is an upcoming furry social network founded by Kayze. The site is currently within the pre-alpha stage of development and set for a release at a yet to be determined date.


[edit] Development

Kayze is the sole designer and developer on the Furmunity project at this time. The software is currently in a preAlpha stage.

[edit] History

Originally released in May of 2009, the site ran on vBulletin 3 series forum software with multiple mods integrated for Gallery, Blogs, and Arcade sections; as well as the vB3.7 Groups feature. The site went through a few revisions before closing in early 2010.

The project has since been picked back up with a new, but similar, direction. While this new development would technically be the 2nd version of Furmunity, the extensive shift in both product and software has warrant a reboot in the version numbering.

[edit] Features

The features included on Furmunity haven't been disclosed in its entirely. Instead, Kayze has selectively shared certain features that are planned: a user feed, commissions system, gallery/favorites organization features, two types of profiles, and a type of hashtag system.

[edit] References

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