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Furmeets co uk.png

Furmeets.co.uk was a website which allowed furs in the United Kingdom to post details of upcoming furmeets in their local area. Anyone could post details of a meet, along with contact information and location, which was then indicated on a Google map and overlaid on a zoomable map of the UK. The website also hosted a shared gallery of photos taken at meets, with over 3300 items covering LondonFurs, HantsFurs, Scotfurs, Therians and other events as of 2010.[1]

The site was active for many years, but closed in October 2018 as it had "had its time", having by then fallen into disuse for over a year, with "people using other sites to find and organise meet ups".[2] The webmaster cited outdated site design as an influence; meets having developed to have their own sites with similar content, and the rise of first the UKFur forums and then Facebook for event organization and photo sharing may also have been factors.


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