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Furloween staff

Furloween 2004 was held on Saturday, October 30 from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. in Orlando, Florida. The theme for 2004 was "A Thief in the Night."

Lodging was available at the Travelodge Orlando Downtown Centroplex.

Banquet and dance[edit]

Hosted at the Orlando Elks Lodge, the event included a fully catered banquet dinner and dance. Attendees were required to RSVP by October 24 to ensure admission to the banquet's buffet service, which included carved roast beef and chicken picata. A cash bar was available to guests over 21.

Full membership at the door was $30, regardless of whether the attendee signed up for the buffet. Total attendance was 161.

Additional events[edit]

For furs staying an additional day in Orlando, picnic and games were available on the following Sunday afternoon, starting at noon at Blanchard Park.


The core staff included:

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