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Furlined was a furry erotica fanzine which was published by Pelzig.

Furlined featured artwork by Daremo-Long Chen, [1] Kishma Danielle,[1] Quentin Dumas,[1] Ed "Pelzig" Dyer,[1] Tygger Graf,[1] Bob Hershey,[2] Zephery Hughes,[1] Daphne Lage,[1] Marc Leveille,[1] Samuel Lienhard,[1] Matt Lunsford,[2] Mike Reed,[1] Terrie Smith,[1] Mercy Van Vlack,[3] Chris Whalen,[1] and Tanamin Wingate.[1]

Material from the first three issues were later republished as The Best Of Furlined.[2] This 30-page compilation featured art by Quentin Dumas, Tygger Graf, Bob Hershey, Daphne Lage, Matt Lunsford, Terrie Smith, and Chris Whalen.


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