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This page is about a furry community. For the webring by the same name, see Furlife webring.

Furlife is a Meetup group based out of Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. and was founded on Jun 8, 2007 by Michael J. Fox. In 2015, Kijani became a co-lead Organizer and took over the financial responsibilities for the Meetup group.[1] As of January 2016, FurLife has over 1,900 registered members from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


Furlife mostly organizes local events around the Seattle area, but has also seen events in other parts and even outside of Washington State. Unlike meets such as Bellfurs or other events in the area which use mostly advertisement by word-of-mouth, Furlife bases its events off of scheduled and planned meets using their meetup website. Any registered member can create a meetup, or RSVP for current ones already scheduled. The website also offers a message board and mailing list to plan or talk about future events, current events, carpooling, or anything that is relevant (or not) to the group.

The two largest events hosted by the group includes When Furballs Strike and the Anniversary barbecue, with over 100 local and non-local furries attending.

When Furballs Strike![edit]

When Furballs Strike is an extremely large fursuit-friendly bowling event organized by Kijani. It is generally planned every 3 months at Kenmore Lanes in Kenmore, Washington, offering several hours of bowling for furry fans and fursuiters alike. When Furballs Strike 22 currently holds the world record for most furries attending a bowling meet at 271.[2]


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