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Furlando, originally intended to be called Zerocon, was an hoax furry convention[1] purportedly slated for July 27-29, 2007 in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

It was "cancelled" in September 2007 by BaronVonYiffington, the (at the time, 13 year old) con's chairman and originator of the hoax, due to "economic reasons", but the bid to hosted would be relaunched on the same weekend in 2009 or 2010 when the chairman received the funds needed to procure the rooms at the (unnamed) hotel.

The reason behind the practical joke[edit]

The Furaffinity post
I started Zerocon like four years ago, as a joke towards all the people who were flipping their shit over OMG MEGAPLEX IS MOVING LIKE AN HOUR AWAY FROM ORLANDO WAHHHHH QQ. I remember a bunch of my friends pitching fits because Megaplex, the Florida fur con, moved to Jacksonville instead of Orlando. People I knew bitched and moaned because they had to drive an hour or two to get there instead of having it 10 minutes down the street.

Board of Directors[edit]

Its convention staff would have consisted of:

  • BaronVonYiffington - Chairman
  • APMoney - Chief of Security
  • Wyatt_TFB - Rave/Party planning

Planned events[edit]

Events planned for it would have included:


  1. LazerZero's comment on the Fur Affinity's forum about Furlando

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