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Status Ongoing
First iteration April 30-May 3, 2015
Organizer(s) APS Furizon - non-profit association
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Furizon resources

A.P.S. Furizon is an Italian non-profit association and an event of the same name held annually in northern Italy since 2015. The group also handles the management of other minor events on the Italian territory. Currently, Furizon promotes and organizes an annual convention and a series of smaller fur-meets called Furizon-Riverside


The event is characterised by the choice of a location surrounded by nature and its outdoor activities. Furizon also offers activities such as themed group games, DJ sets and culinary competitions, taking advantage of a totally self-managed hosting facility during Fur-meet. With the organisation of the first real convention (June 2022), the Furizon Association uses managed hotel facilities and offers many activities during the convention, which are constantly implemented and improved also thanks to the advice and cooperation of the participants. Guaranteed activities during the convention are generally: panels, Dealers' Den, live DJ / DJ sets, Fursuit Lounge, Artist Alley and more.

Event history[edit]

Furizon 2017 official poster - By Jacopo Dronio
Furizon 2019 official poster - By Jacopo Dronio
Furizon 2022 official poster - By Jacopo Dronio
Year Dates Event type Attendees Fursuiters Location Name
2015 Apr 30 - May 3 Fur-Meet 31 - Casa Magnola - Segonzano (TN), Italy Camp Fire
2016 Jun 3 - Jun 5 Fur-Meet 30 - Casa Magnola - Segonzano (TN), Italy Hunting Season
2017 Jun 1 - Jun 4 Fur-Meet 55 12 Casa Magnola - Segonzano (TN), Italy Penumbra
2018 May 31 - Jun 3 Fur-Meet 60 14 Casa Magnola - Segonzano (TN), Italy Sideralis
2019 May 29 - Jun 2 Fur-Meet 80 20 Hotel Sole del Baldo, San valentino (TN) - Italy Sovereign
2020 Oct 2 - Oct 4 Fur-meet 38 - Chalet Bike Hotel Ai Ciar, Ceratello (BG) - Italy Riverside
2021 Oct 1 - Oct 3 Fur-Meet 52 - Casa Dal Trozzo, Borgo Valsugana (TN) - Italy Riverside II
2022 May 28 - Jun 1 Convention 135 55 Hotel Sacro Cuore, Cavalese (TN) - Italy Riots
2022 Oct 14 - Oct 16 Fur-Meet 55 23 Casa Dal Trozzo, Borgo Valsugana (TN) - Italy Riverside III
2023 May 30 - Jun 2 Convention 214 108 Hotel Sacro Cuore, Cavalese (TN) - Italy Beyond
2023 Oct 13 - Oct 15 Fur-Meet  ?  ? Hotel Sacro Cuore, Cavalese (TN) - Italy Riverside IV
2024 Jun 4 - Jun 8 Convention  ?  ? Hotel Sacro Cuore, Cavalese (TN) - Italy Overlord


Furizon 2015 official poster

The group was established in the late 2014 by Silverwolf, yet administrator of FurZone and co-administrator of Italian Fur Haven in the past, and Rigel.

The first edition of Furizon was held between April 30 - May 3, 2015. It drew 31 attendees and hosted a culinary contest named "Masterchef Furizon" - referring to the popular TV show - a film projection, a DJ set and a small artists workshop. It was also given to the attendees the possibility of being photographed in a professional-quality portrait setting.

Furizon 2016 official flyer

The second edition of Furizon was named "Furizon - Hunting Season" and was held June 2-5, 2016.[1] It drew 30 attendees and for the first time a theme and related activities were given to the event. The chosen theme was a tribal setting with the mixture of totemic and spiritual elements and related lore, in which attendees who agreed to participate in the games were split into five teams. The culinary contest was replicated as a group challenge and a nocturnal outdoor game, in which it was proposed that the teams had to solve a riddle and hunt their opponents, capturing their "scalps" by reading a word put on each hunter forehead.

The third event took place at the same location from 1-4 June 2017. In this year Furizon was called "Penumbra". There were at least 55 attendees, including 12 fursuiters.[2]

No change of location for the fourth edition of Furizon's Fur-meet called Sideralis from The maximum number of places offered by the location was reached, registering 60 participants, 14 of whom were fursuiters.

The fifth edition of Furizon, called "Furizon Sovereign", took place in San Valentino, TN (Hotel Sole Del Baldo), from 29 May 2019 to 2 June 2019. A subsequent evening with aperitifs, music and an art show, "Furizon Midnight", was to be held November 2 in Lucca, but had to be cancelled when Civil Protection took over the intended room and bad weather was predicted, making the intended fursuit lounge untenable.[3]

The sixth edition of Furzion, entitled "Furizon Riots", was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[4] It was then rescheduled for May 28-June 1, 2022. As planned, thanks to the normalization of the Global Pandemic situation and in observance of current regulations, the staff of A.P.S. Furizon managed to organize at their first real Convention in a Hotel in the city of Cavalese (TN). The event gathered, for the first time in Italy, 135 participants also from the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Germany and the United Kingdom. the first non-self-organized event organized by the Association with the collaboration of the staff of the Park Hotel Sacro Cuore and with the participation of some authorities of the city.


From 2018, the organisational staff decided to improve the reality of Furizon by founding an association. The Furizon Social Promotion Association (A.P.S. Furizon) has become an autonomous non-profit association legally certified in the Italian association register. The founding of a board of directors and the election of councillors has greatly enhanced the efficiency of management and internal organisation in order to create more complex events with more and more participants.

Event Staff[edit]

  • Silverwolf : Main Staff / Chairman / Association President (From 2015)
  • Kyrill  : Main Staff / Convention Core Manager / Association Vice President (From 2015)
  • Spritz  : Social Media & Press Team Leader / Fursuit Team Leader (From 2018)
  • Wurki  : Food & beverage Team Teader (From 2018)
  • Razor  : Multimedial Production Team Leader (From 2018)
  • Daydream_OS: Dealers' Den Team Leader (From 2021)
  • Paktani  : Security & First Aid Team Leader (From 2022)
  • Kim  : Furizon experience Team Leader (From 2022)


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