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Location Austria
Status Ongoing
First iteration September 2018
Organizer(s) Aturu Wolfclaw, Weidhas, Furgether Association
Subject Furry

Furgether is an annual furry convention held in Austria. It takes place in September within Camp Grounds near Steyr, Upper Austria (Precisely Laussa, Upper Austria, Austria). The latest held event was Furgether 2023 during the 15-19 September 2023 which saw an attendance of 100 people (the registration was also limited to this amount).

Volunteers fully crew the convention and the team of organizers fund the entirety of the convention via the registration fees paid by attendees. Furthermore, there are several events, which occur during the convention such as drawing/artist panels, board and card game groups, music/dj events and also a climbing course (which does incur a separate fee for borrowing climbing gear).


Furgether began as a small furry house party in Straßwalchen, Salzburg, hosted by Susiqui in August 2016. The idea arose from a group of furs who couldn't afford to attend Eurofurence that year. The inaugural house party saw around a dozen attendees.

In August 2017, the house party returned to the same location, again attracting roughly a dozen guests. Following these gatherings, the concept of transforming the event into a full-fledged convention emerged. This vision materialized in August 2018.

Initially, some Austrian furs expressed reservations on Telegram, questioning the need for another convention in the country. Tenzo countered these concerns, stating, "Not everyone (including myself) can manage a week-long con like Lakeside Furs (LSF) and can only participate in weekend trips." These doubts soon dissipated.

While Furgether was once Austria's largest furry event, that title will soon pass to Awoostria, happening in July 2024. Awoostria is completely sold out and anticipates over 500 attendees.


Furgether 2018 took place between the 3-5th of August 2018 at the Tobelmühlhof in Seeham, Salzburg and saw an attendance of 35 persons.


Furgether 2019 took place between 6-9th September 2019 at the Bio Erlebnishof Lucka, in Geboltskirchen, Upper Austria.


Furgether 2020 was held from the 11th to the 14th of September 2020 at the Camp Sibley in Oberdambach, Upper Austria and saw an attendance of 65 persons. Attendance was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic taking place at the time.


Furgether 2021 was held between the 10-13th September 2021. 97 persons from all across Europe participated.


Furgether 2022 took place from 15-19th September 2022. The convention attendance was limited to 100 attendees for organizational and COVID-19 safety measures-related reasons (of which all 100 tickets were sold).


Furgether 2023 took place from the 15 to 18th of September 2023, returning to the exact location as the year prior. The convention attendance was limited to 100 like the previous years, because the location was maxed out. This year attendees were asked to help for a few hours to help out in different areas to make sure the con ran smoothly.


Furgether 2024 is planned to take place from the 13 to 16th of September 2024, at the exact location as the year prior.

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