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Real life use of the term
A visual representation of the term ("fag": British slang for "cigarette")
Image macro bearing the term

Furfag, also known as Furry Fag or Furry Faggot, is a derogatory term used by anti-furries, nonfurs, /b/tards and/or goons to describe a member of the furry community, a condescending way to "acknowledge" a fur's presence during online discussions, and/or a real life visual antagonizer (as a tag, sign, or other types of visual media), in an effort to either taunt, insult, or provoke a reaction out of the person(s) targeted.

Furries on /b/ have been seen replying to the insult with, "I've yiffed in hell. It was hot"[1], as well as the retort "Fuck in hell, skinfag."[2][3]

"Yiff in Hell...."[edit]

The most common use of the term in a phrase or image macro is the text meme "Yiff in Hell, Furfags", used by the above mentioned groups as a way of disrupting discussion forums and chat rooms (web based or IRC), and when vandalizing pages on WikiFur and furry-related pages on Wikipedia (often written in all-caps, and copy/pasted in a continuous repeated sequence).

It has occasionally been seen at furry gatherings or conventions in the form of graffiti, printed media (stickers, flyers, etc,) or signs and placards, such as the ones used at the Anthrocon /b/tard protest.[4]


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Did you know? - (Etymology): Fag (fæg/ noun, 1425–75), is a British English colloquialism for cigarette. Faggot (ˈfagət/ noun, 1800) is a UK term for a traditional dish served especially in South and Mid Wales, and the Midlands of England.

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