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Deviance and Disinformation
Author(s) Founder: micro
  • Administrator:
    • Micro ( Jan 2011 - Present)
  • Moderators:
Launch date January 2011
End Date Ongoing
Genre Imageboard
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Furfa.gs is a furry imageboard based on the 2ch style of imageboards. It hosts several public boards, many for discussion and two specifically for furry art.

[edit] About

The site was founded in early January 2011 and began to become popular among the mature furry community. It operated with no appreciable downtime for almost one year.

A server failure in late December 2011 halted the public operation of the community for several months, causing it to go underground and to begin sharing servers and bandwidth.

A new public version of furfags was released in early May 2012, running alongside the hidden community. It hopes to provide content aimed towards the mature and adult furry community, hosting boards not explicitly for pornographic material but for various topics of discussion and conversation. A strict moderation policy along with the existing userbase hopes to discourage miscellaneous social phenomena found in other furry communities.

[edit] Present situation

The site is currently in operation however still in the developmental stage.

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