Furdance Budapest

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Furdance Budapest
Furdance Budapest
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Location Hungary
Status Ongoing
First iteration September 29 2018
Organizer(s) Furdance Budapest Team
Subject Furry

Furdance Budapest (edit)
Furdance Budapest 1 (2018)
Furdance Budapest 2 (2019)
Furdance Budapest 3 (2019)
Furdance Budapest 4 (2020)
Furdance Budapest 5 (2020)
Furdance Budapest 5 (2021)
Furdance Budapest 6 (2022)

Furdance Budapest staff
Furdance Budapest guests of honor

Furdance Budapest was held for the first time in 2018 and started as a one-night furdance event. Over the years, the event has evolved and expanded into a multi-day convention, becoming the largest Furry Convention in Hungary.


Furdance Budapest offers a variety of programmes for attendees, including Fursuit Gameshow, performances, art exhibits and more. Unlike other conventions, Furdance Budapest does not have a specific theme.


Furdance Budapest takes place over two or three days, usually at the end of September. The event has previously been held at various venues in Budapest, including Trafik Klub, The Bachelor Bar-Bunker, Kredit Bár, Bara Hotel, Loft Events and the Csokonai Cultural Center.

Year Date Attn. Location Comment
1 (2018) 29 Sep 70 Trafik klub, Budapest, Hungary 1 day event
2 (2019) 26 Jan 95 The Bachelor Bar - Bunker, Budapest, Hungary One of Fursang's programs
3 (2019) 27-28 Sep 99 Kredit Bár, Budapest, Hungary 2 day event
4 (2020) 31 Jan-1 Feb 129 Bara Hotel, Budapest, Hungary Fursang two night programs
5 (2020) 25-27 Sep - Africafe Kinizsi, Budapest, Hungary 3 days Convention (Canceled due to COVID)
5 (2021) 24-26 Sep 123 Loft Events, Budapest, Hungary 3 days Convention
6 (2022) 16-18 Sep 161 Csokonai Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary 3 days
7 (2023) 29 Sep - 1 Oct 230 Csokonai Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary 3 days

Furdance Budapest 1 (2018)

On September 29, 2018, the first Furdance event in Hungary was held. The location was the Trafik club. The event was immediately sold out for the first time.

Furdance Budapest 2 (2019)

On January 26, 2019, Furdance Budapest 2 was a one-night event held in collaboration with Fursang at a unique venue that was the most popular location for Furdance Budapest events until 2022.

Although Furdance Budapest traditionally included a Suitwalk, the event's Suitwalk was organized and held separately by Fursang and was not part of Furdance Budapest 2.

Furdance Budapest 3 (2019)

During the planning of the 3rd Furdance Budapest event, the need for having more than just one day of programs emerged from the participants. The organizers followed the request for more program and held a warm-up meeting the day before the convention, on september 27, 2019.

On September 28, 2019, the traditional Suitwalk and Furdance event was held.

Furdance Budapest 4 (2020)

On Jan 31 - Feb 1, 2020, Furdance Budapest 4 was held as a program in Fursang's program series. The event included a Furdance program that took place over two evenings at Fursang's premises.

Furdance Budapest 5 (2021)

Furdance Budapest 5 was originally scheduled to take place in September 2020, but was canceled due to the COVID -19 outbreak. The event was later postponed to 2021, which was a significant turning point for the event.

On September 24 - 26, 2021, Furdance Budapest 5 programs were offered at the venue for the first time, after the Suit Walk and before the Furdance. These programs included a screening of the award-winning film "Mom's Cat" by Anabella Schnabel, followed by a roundtable discussion with the director.

Furdance Budapest 6 (2022)

On September 16 - 18, 2022, a real multi-day convention was held with stage events such as Fursuit Gameshow, Fursuit Activity and a live concert by Beniwolf. Furdance programs were held at the main venue on both evenings. On the third day, participants could attend programs at other venues, such as a thermal spa or bowling alley.

Furdance Budapest Team Other Events[edit]

Name Type Year Date Location Attn.
Winter Furs real 2022 15 Jan VR the magic élmény- és rendezvényközpont, Monor, Hungary 86
2023 07 Jan VR the magic élmény- és rendezvényközpont, Monor, Hungary 100
Summer Furs real 2021 24 Jul VR the magic élmény- és rendezvényközpont, Monor, Hungary 64
2022 16 Jul VR the magic élmény- és rendezvényközpont, Monor, Hungary 71
2023 22 Jul VR the magic élmény- és rendezvényközpont, Monor, Hungary 97
Hello Budapest! real 2020 15 Aug Elizabeth Square, Budapest, Hungary 47
2021 04 Sep Elizabeth Square, Budapest, Hungary 49
Furdance Tournament real 2021 22 May VR the magic élmény- és rendezvényközpont, Monor, Hungary 15
2022 28 May VR the magic élmény- és rendezvényközpont, Monor, Hungary 16
Second Life Party virtual 2020 11 Jul Second Life (Astra Furry Klub) 55
2020 12 Dec Second Life (Astra Furry Klub)
VRChat Party virtual 2023 14 Apr VRChat (Penumbra) 143

Summer Furs and Winter Furs[edit]

In addition to the annual Furdance Budapest, the team also hosts two one-day events called Summer Furs and Winter Furs. These events focus on socializing and relaxation, with activities such as a Suitwalk and a Furdance event. During the day, attendees can take advantage of the two hot tubs and sauna, as well as a bar. These events provide a relaxed atmosphere that allows participants to socialize and unwind.

Summer Furs Winter Furs

Hello Budapest![edit]

It served as an outdoor warm-up event for attendees Prior to the main event. The event was held for the first time in 2020 and for the last time in 2021.

The future of Hello Budapest! is uncertain as the main event, Furdance Budapest, continues to grow. The decision whether the event will be held in the future depends on various factors.

Virtual parties[edit]

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Annual Furdance Budapest event was cancelled in 2020. In response, organisers hosted Virtual parties in Second Life as an alternative for attendees. Due to the success, it is possible that the DJ team will continue to hold virtual parties in Second Life and on other platforms in the future.


The event is organised by Furdance Budapest Team.

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