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GT Husky, the unofficial mascot of FURconsin. GT stands for "good times"

FURconsin is an annual private furmeet held in Wisconsin, U.S.A. The name of the furmeet is a portmanteau of the words "furry" and "Wisconsin".

FURconsin 2007[edit]

The first FURconsin was held on October 13th, 2007, in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, metro area. Fourteen furs attended.[1]

Activities included fursuiting in Pewaukee and downtown Milwaukee, fursuit bowling in Waukesha, and food at Mighty Tauren's house and Su Casa.

Transportation was provided in the form of a single van, complete with signage.

FURconsin 2008[edit]

FURconsin 2008 was held the weekend of October 3-5th, 2008. The group stayed in a media cabin at the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Twenty-four furs and one non-fur attended.[2]

Activities included fursuiting in downtown Wisconsin Dells and visiting two of the Wilderness Resort's indoor waterparks.

FURconsin 2009[edit]

History of attendance at FURconsin. (Click for larger view)

FURconsin 2009 was held October 2-5th, 2009. As in the previous year, the event was based in a media cabin at the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. This year's event was one day longer than the previous year, extending until Monday. Thirty-two furs attended. [3]

In addition to the visiting the resort's waterparks and fursuiting in the downtown Dells, the group also played miniature golf and several took a duck tour of Lake Delton.

FURconsin 2010[edit]

FURconsin 2010 was held October 8-11th, 2010 in a private cabin owned by Whitetail Ridge in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. It was attended by twenty-two furs and one non-fur. The new location featured a similar cabin as previous years, but is even more secluded and private. As the cabin was smaller, the number of people attending had to be limited. As in previous years, the group went fursuiting downtown and visited the indoor waterparks of the Wilderness Resort. Twenty-three furs attended. [4]

FURconsin 2011[edit]

FURconsin 2011 was held October 7-10th, 2011 in a private cabin owned by Deer Haven Acres Lodge in Adams County, Wisconsin (near Wisconsin Dells). The new cabin featured bed spaces for everyone and also a beautiful view of the lake. FURconsin featured similar activities and events as previous years, in addition to some new ones. These included stopping by an Amish Bakery along the way and picking up some authentic baked goods; as well as Super Jayhawk providing dinner. Twenty-six furs attended. [5]

FURconsin 2012[edit]

FURconsin 2012 was held earlier in the year compared to before, this time from July 27-29th, 2012. Activities were centered around local eating & drinking establishments and other site-seeing in Milwuakee, Wisconsin; as well as attending the third annual Milwaukee Brewfest. Attendees spent the night at Mightytauren's home or arranged their own sleeping arrangements. Fursuiting in downtown Milwaukee was in the itinerary but didn't happen due to hot summer weather and lack of interest. Fifteen furs attended. [6]

FURconsin 2013[edit]

FURconsin 2013 was held October 11-14th, 2013 in a private cabin five minutes west of the Wisconsin Dells. The cabin featured bed spaces for everyone and was situated in a beautiful forest. FURconsin featured a custom-designed bar menu with furry-themed drinks, grill-out and potluck for dinners, the usual fursuiting trip to downtown Wisconsin Dells, and a small group of attendees also visited Devil's Lake State Park. This year marked FURconsin's return to what it was known for and where people had the most fun. Twenty-five furs attended. [7]

FURconsin 2014[edit]

FURconsin 2014 took place over October 10-12,[8] in Arbor Dell, located near the Wilderness Resort Waterpark.[9]


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