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This year followed a very similar format and structure introduced last year. Various organized outdoor events and an expanded activities schedule (with 2 streams/instructors) took place: archery, abseiling, high-ropes course, kayaking and hiking. Once again a variety of indoor activities were organized such as board-gaming sessions. A full A/V room setup with consoles, and nightly dances also took place. A "SingStar" tradition has also been started (to the delight/dismay of various attendees). Notable to mention too was the creation of a fully functioning raft, headed by Isengrin, and christened the Hunua Ragebeetle. It was sailed under the waterfall, where it met its untimely demise.

The tenth FurcoNZ convention was held on December 10-13, 2010, at "Kokako Lodge" at Hunua Ranges Regional Park in Papakura District, Auckland, New Zealand. The total attendance was 66 and the registration fee was NZ$85.00 included accommodations and foods.

The staffs were:

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