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FurcoNZ is an annual gathering of the New Zealand furry community, with a distinctively Kiwi outdoors theme. Since 2007, it has typically been held at the end of the year, around end of November or start of December. Since 2009, the event organizers scheduled FurcoNZ on "back-to-back" weekends with MidFur (in Melbourne, Australia) to entice overseas attendees to make both events in the same intercontinental trip. Beginning as a small indoor furmeet often hosted at a private residence until 2007, it has grown into a weekend furry camping event at a camp or lodge site with scheduled activities and official programming, with a recap DVD being produced since 2007.


FurcoNZ banner

2002 - 2006[edit]

  • 2002: Hosted mid-Dec by PuppyDog in Panmure, Auckland, at a private residence.
  • 2003: Hosted mid-Dec by Nimble Squirrel in Mission Bay, Auckland at a private residence.
  • 2004: At Student Central in Dunedin
  • 2005: Dec 2005 in Taupo. Unofficial attendance was 18.
  • 2006: Nov 2006 by Southpaw (NZ) at his three-bedroom house in Wairakei. Unofficial attendance was just over 30.

2007 - Present[edit]

Starting in 2007, FurcoNZ was no longer hosted in private residences, but was rather relocated to a camp or lodge site in New Zealand, creating a change in event programming tailored to outdoor activities.



  • Dates: Nov 21 - 24
  • Location: 'Camp Rangi Woods' in Pohangina, North Island.
  • Attendance: Unofficial attendance around 32.
  • Organizers: DarthMeow (Lead) and TrojanCentaur


In 2009, FurcoNZ began to operate in much the same manner as larger conventions by introducing an online registration system, comprehensive outdoor programming including archery, abseiling, kayaking and hiking, and an indoor event track including board-gaming and dances during the night. In addition, the event produced con badges and an official conbook, and the event was catered with 8 main meals prepared and served by a kitchen team.


This year followed a very similar format and structure introduced last year. Various organized outdoor events and an expanded activities schedule (with 2 streams/instructors) took place: archery, abseiling, high-ropes course, kayaking and hiking. Once again a variety of indoor activities were organized such as board-gaming sessions. A full A/V room setup with consoles, and nightly dances also took place. A "SingStar" tradition has also been started (to the delight/dismay of various attendees). Notable to mention too was the creation of a fully functioning raft, headed by Isengrin, and christened the Hunua Ragebeetle. It was sailed under the waterfall, where it met its untimely demise.

  • Dates: Dec 10 - 13
  • Location: 'Kokako Lodge' at Hunua Ranges Regional Park in Papakura District, Auckland.
  • Attendance: Official - 66
  • Cost of Registration: NZ$85.00 (including accommodations and food)
  • Staff:


2011 was announced as the last year FurcoNZ was to be held at Kokako Lodge, as the site had reached attendance limits. The event followed the format set out from the previous two years.

  • Dates: Dec 9 - 12
  • Location: 'Kokako Lodge' at Hunua Ranges Regional Park in Papakura District, Auckland.
  • Attendance: Official - 50
  • Cost of Registration: NZ$94.00 (including accommodations and food)
  • Staff:


This year FurcoNZ went back to Kiwanis Lodge at Huia in the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, where it was held back in 2007.

  • Dates: Dec 14 - 17
  • Location: 'Kiwanis Lodge' at Huia, Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, Auckland.
  • Attendance: Official - 50
  • Cost of Registration: NZ$99.00 (including accommodations and food)
  • Staff:

2014 ("2013/2014" Summer season)[edit]

The FurcoNZ event for the 2013/2014 summer season was held over February 6 - 9, 2014 (Waitangi Day weekend)

  • Dates: Feb 6 - 9
  • Location: Brookfield Outdoor Education Centre, Wainuiomata, Wellington.
  • Attendance: Official - 52
  • Cost of Registration: early registration NZ$99.00 (including accommodations and food).
  • Staff:


An attempt at holding a FurcoNZ event in 2015 fell through when the organizer for that year[who?] had to step down "for personal reasons", and no-one else stepped in.[1]



FurcoNZ 2016 was held over the Waitangi weekend (February 5-8, 2016),[1] at the Brookfield Outdoor Education Centre in the heart of Moores Valley in Wainuiomata, forty minutes’ drive from Wellington.[1]



FurcoNZ 2017 was held over the Waitangi weekend (February 3-6, 2017),[2] at MiCamp Taupo. The theme of the convention was "Pirates of Lake Taupo".

  • Dates: Feb 3 - 6
  • Location: MiCamp Taupo, Taupo
  • Attendance: Official - 86 Overnight | 4 Day Passes
  • Cost of Registration:
    • Event
      • 2 Day Basic Registration $120.00
      • 3 Day Basic Registration $180.00
      • Premium Registration $200.00
      • Sponsor $250.00
      • Super Sponsor spot(s) were given to highest bidder
    • Day Pass (Saturday or Sunday)
      • 1 Day $40.00
      • 2 Day $80.00
  • Staff:
    • Lead Organizer: Nimble Squirrel
    • Graphics/Admin/Promotions: Kendravixie
    • Kitchen Team: (Was externally catered)
    • Safety/Lifeguard/First Aid: Shorty
    • Security: DarthMeow
    • Artist Alley: Taala Ruhun
    • Events: Lupa


  • Dates: Feb 2 - 5
  • Location: MiCamp Taupo, Taupo
  • Attendence: 102

FurCoNZ 2018 was held at MiCamp, Taupo over Waitangi Weekend (February 2-5, 2018).


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