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Furcentral Logo
Furcentral Logo by Lanz/Vyok
Author(s) Cinder Deer
Status online
Launch date March 8th, 2017
Genre social media

Furcentral.co (stylized as Furcentralco on Twitter) is a Social Media network for the Furry community.[1] The website is similar to Facebook, whilst having a followers/following set-up similar to Twitter.

The website features blogs, chats, stories and more on the main website, and features a timeline app on the Google Play store.[2]


Furcentral.co was created on March 8th, 2017, under the name FurNet, it went into a semi-open launch before closing down in April due to conflicts with the name, as well as hosting issues. Furcentral had an official re-launch in early July 2017, after finding a suitable and reliable hosting company, and has been fully up in operations since.


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