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FurBook Logo Small.png
The logo of FurBook
Author(s) Bob van der Poel
Status online
Launch date April 6, 2011

FurBook was a website/forum for Dutch people interested in fursuiting and/or furry art. FurBook has been founded by Digitail (Dennis Harkink) and ArcanaTigris (Bob van der Poel), who were both administrators on the forum' and handled all the member requests.


FurBook was created on April 6, 2011, after serious disagreements with the doings and members of other dutch fora, [clarify] but remained dormant after it's creation until TranceCat (Reinout de Vlaming) heard of it's existence and joined the team to give the two founders the last little push to get the website running. TranceCat became a moderator on the forum. but later decided to leave the FurBook team.[clarify]

Around August 2013 Digitail decided to leave the Furbook Team for unspecified reasons.[citation needed]

Temporary Shutdown[edit]

Due to personal events[1], the administrator of furbook.nl decided to shutdown the website on January 1, 2014.[2] However this was temporary and it has been brought back online on January 8, 2014.

Furbook.nl vs other Dutch communities[edit]

FurBook tried to differ from other Dutch social sites by being a "Invitation Only" "friends only" forum. This meant that current members could refer a new interested person to the admins or moderators, which they would then see if the new person fits within the group. This way the founders of FurBook hope to keep a lot of drama outside whilst creating more of a group of friends, and less of a "Furry community".[clarify]

FurBook.nl vs furry communities[edit]

FurBook was not to be a replacement for any other furry community within the Netherlands, but simply a place for those who share the philosophy of having a hobby instead of a furry lifestyle/fetish. This meant that any person who is accepted to join FurBook could still be in any other furry community, websites or organizations, and still partake of any FurBook event.

FurBook.nl's philosophy on furry[edit]

While a lot of furry communities welcome people selected by their age only,[citation needed] FurBook, as a "group", had a different vision/opinion on it: Digitail and ArcanaTigris shared an opinion that the fandom was widely sexually driven,[citation needed] and wanted FurBook to stay out of that area. This explicitly did not mean that FurBook or it's members consider any other group or community based upon this sexual drive.[clarify]

FurBook was against furry pornography,[citation needed] and did not allow people to join who openly posted furry or anthropomorphic pornographic media, and/or expressed their interest on adult furry paraphilias in FurBook or elsewhere.[citation needed]


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