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Host(s) Killick, Ringo, Sepko, Toru
Website http://www.furballd.com/
Update schedule Mondays
Launch date April 7, 2012
End Date Ongoing
Genre weird news, geekery

Furballd is a weekly furry podcast. It is produced in Brisbane, Australia, on Mondays.


The show is hosted by Killick, Ringo, Sepko, and Toru, all of whom live within the Brisbane area.


Episode 0 (the pilot), titled "I got it back!", was uploaded on April 7, 2012.

The first official episode, titled "ZOMGOGGLES", was uploaded on April 14, 2012.


The show consist of the four hosts chatting about weird news, geekery, movies, games and comics. The show also contains questions and comments from listeners.

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