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Furality, Inc., also known as Furality.org, is the parent corporation of the furry convention Furality Online Xperience.


The corporation was created in St Petersburg, Florida in 2020 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

Its headquarters are presently registered in St Petersburg, Florida.


In January 2024, controversy emerged regarding the disclosure of Furality's FY2022 Form 990, which revealed that the Chairman of the Board of Furality Inc had received $39,000 in remuneration.[1][2] This contradicted previous statements on the organization's website asserting that it operated on an "all volunteer" basis and that "board members are not compensated".[3] Subsequent clarification provided by the DevOps Director of Furality (Alofoxx) clarified that the remuneration was attributed to the Chairman's responsibilities as Creative Director and not as a member of the Board.[4]


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