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Furaleigh was a proposed furry convention planned to first take place in January of 2013, to be North Carolina's "first furry convention".[1]


As stated in a November 2011 website posting, Static "will be acting as Head Chair / President. Wolfeh will be Vice Chair / President.[2] People confirmed as of late November 2011 were Chance as Treasurer, Salem Kylar as Security Director, Foxglove as Head DJ, Trapa as Consultant, Kiraeden as Tech Director.[3]

Not happening in 2013[edit]

In early November 2012 Wolfeh and Static posted to the website:

It's been a very very long time since either I or Static has posted here. Since it has been brought to my attention that people are wondering if the event is still on for January, I am here to say that it is not.

Static and Ihave been very busy; I'm getting ready to head off to college in addition to managing 3 businesses, and he's between jobs at the moment. While it seemed like a good idea and something we could handle, it turned out that neither of us are really in any position to be leading a new furry convention. In all honesty, we were embarassed to admit this sooner, and we apologize for failing to make this happen for you all. Even now we're embarassed to admit it, but it feels like the responsible thing to do.

That said, we would still love to see a convention happen in this area - there is definitely support, as evidenced by all the members of this site, and had there been more dedicated leadership, it would have likely worked out. We would very much like to hand the proposed convention off to a group of people who can truly be responsible for the con and can make this dream a reality.[4]



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