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Phoenix, an example of Fur_gir's fractal art.

Fur_gir (also known as Haku-tora Inuzuchi) is a writer and furry artist whose fursona is a white tiger. He specialises in fractal art.

Character biography[edit]

Haku is no ordinary white tiger. A prophecy was made that a young Inuzuchi would be born to keep balance in the world. Many years later, Haku-tora Inuzuchi was born with a strange marking on his back; a taijitu (yin and yang symbol).

Six years after his birth, Haku's village was attacked by a band of raiders. Unbeknownst to Haku, they were sent to capture him, but because of the trait in many raiders that make them very stubborn, Haku was not captured, but instead left with almost no life in him. After being raped and having his eyes cut out, Haku crawled through the forest just trying his best to survive. After two days of wandering and sleeping, a panda, by the name of Tetsuchi Pan Kaida, found him and took him to his monastery.

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