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Fur What It's Worth is a furry podcast hosted by Roo and Tugs. Launched September 10, 2011, the show aims to serve as an "introduction and immersion into the furry fandom" (the spoken description which begins each podcast episode,) and appeals to those discovering the fandom for the first time, those who are curious to learn about different facets of being furry, and even long-time furs with information about new events and relevant fandom news. Each show is a deep dive into a new topic, through the lens of the fandom, all with a twisted sense of humor.


  • 2011-09-10: RooChi Lexico, Elias Saphir, and Thay Rustback started Fur What It's Worth as a activity of interest in podcasting. Be it that all of them where furry roomates they felt that it was the perfect subject and started podcasting.

Content and features[edit]

Main segment[edit]

The main segment features the hosts’ discussion in response to e-mails sent in by listeners. Each episode, they announce the topic for the next episode so listeners can e-mail their questions and comments to them. Topics have included what furry is, furries and the public, as well how to get involved in local furry communities.

Mini segments[edit]

Roo’s segment includes Roo’s Cookie Minute, where he eats a fortune cookie and proceeds to interpret the fortune. In their segments, they also answer any e-mail directed at them.


Whenever possible they have various guests on the show. People in and out of the fandom.

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