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Fur The Record is a Seattle-based event production company specializing (but not limited to) electronic music events.

The company was founded by veteran Seattle rave/club DJ and event promoter Tigon.

In early 2011, after taking up post as the dance coordinator for both RainFurrest and Further Confusion, Tigon identified a growing demand in the furry fandom. A demand for a vibrant and thriving nightlife. In April 2011, Fur The Record was officially born as Tigon threw "Get Rammed: An Aries Birthday Celebration" for his mate, and several other of their Aries-born furry friends. The invite-only event was held at a small local venue in the SODO district of Seattle. Furries from as far as Florida travelled in for this birthday bash and the tiny venue was packed with over 100 attendees.

Whether it be sponsoring the dances at a convention, or putting on their own productions, Fur The Record is focused on bringing a new level of production value to electronic music events within the fandom. With an already impressive roster of furry DJs and fursuit dancers, and a viral grassroots approach to promotion Fur The Record is intent on proving that nightlife and dance type events are one of the main draws in the fandom, and should not be seen as an afterthought.

Though many of the websites managed and ran by furtherecord have been generally not been updated since September 2013, many of the DJ's who are part of the network are still very active today.

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