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Fur Reality staff
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Fur Reality 2016 was the fourth Fur Reality convention. It took place over October 7-9, 2016.[1]

The theme was "Believe", with a focus on "the paranormal, the mysterious and the weird".[2] The guest of honor was Aerokat, who was responsible for the designs of the convention's T-shirts (which sold out) and the give away poster, as well as the inks for the card game, Cryptid Codex.[3] The special musical guests were Citrine Husky and Vander.[3] Citrine hosted a number of musical and comedic panels, whilst Vander organised the dead dog dance. Additional guests were Uncle Kage, Alkali Bismuth, and Xander the Blue.[3]

Fur Reality 2016 saw 515 attendees,[3] including 89 fursuiters in the fursuit parade (with quite a few more making it in through the doors for the photograph in the last few moments, but after organisers had finished the official count).[3]

Approximately $5682 was raised for the convention's charity, the Ohio Alleycat Resource.[3] Over $2500 came from the charity auction, whilst another $2500 came from the donations and purchases made at the OAR table. The rest from our various charity-raising panels.


The staff of Fur Reality 2016 were:[4]


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