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Fur Reality 2013 was the first Fur Reality convention. It was held over the weekend of October 11-13.[1]

The Guests of Honor were Alkali Bismuth and Xander The Blue.[2](deadlink)

In its initial year, it was run concurrently with Pandoracon, a Sci-fi/Fantasy convention held annually in Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally it was to be a sub-event of Pandoracon, but it quickly outgrew the space that had been allotted it in the original convention hotel. The con moved to the Hilton Garden Inn Cincinnati/Sharonville[3] located a few miles from the Pandoracon event, but still held several events at the original Atrium Hotel location. The convention planned host nearly 30 hours of events and panels over its three day span; including the popular Whose Lion is it Anyway, Open Mic, Match Game and a live episode of The Dragget Show. The con also featured a con suite open to all attendees of the Fur Reality con, as well as a special event for those that paid for the god level memberships. As with most furry conventions Fur Reality also hosted a dealers den and artists alley with 12 varieties of vendors and 10 artist spaces with rotating artists throughout the con. A ticket to Fur Reality also allowed admission to all of Pandoracon's events[4](deadlink) allowing members of the con to attend and enjoy both cons. Pandoracon attendees were required to pay an additional fee to gain access to the Fur Reality panels and events. The separation of the cons attendance badges was to allow a reprieve for both fandoms if they so chose. The theme, shared by both cons, was "Into the Labyrinth".[5](deadlink)

Fur Reality 2013 had 160 attendees.[citation needed]


Fur Reality 2013 staff as listed on the convention's website as of Oct. 2013 are listed as:


Fur Reality offers a way for those that volunteer at the con to work towards a compensated regular attendee badge for the next year's con. Fifteen hours of volunteer work over the course of the convention are required to meet the required number of hours; volunteers shifts run in 3-4 hour shifts.[7]


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