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Fur Future was a furry roleplaying game set thousands of years in the future, after humans created, enslaved and were defeated by anthropomorphic creatures. It took place in a future of the Redwall book series and had been created to replace Redwall 3000. Fur Future closed in 2006 after five years and was replaced by The Union.[1]

  • Addresses:
  • Ran from/to: 2001? - 2006
  • Rules:
    • All behaviour accepted, with self-censorship in light of minor membership.
    • SAMC - Single Account, Multiple Characters.
    • Auto-writing up to and including non-significant injury permitted and encouraged - anything greater only allowed with the hurt character's author's permission.

[edit] Plot

The plot centered around a group of rebels: Citizens Of Redwall Against the Grand Emperor (COURAGE). During Fur Future, COURAGE was attempting to overthrow Redwall's leader, Emperor Morthid, who tricked the last abbot into giving him power.

[edit] References

  1. The Union - Forum based RP. August 16, 2006 post to the furry_rpers LiveJournal community.

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