Fur Feast

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Fur Feast
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Location Kansas, United States
Status Ongoing
First iteration November 2009
Organizer(s) Kansas Furs
Subject Furry
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Fur Feast is a convention hosted by Anthro Society of Kansas/KansasFurs in the state of Kansas which first occurred in November of 2009. After the first year it was not held again until 2012. After a break due to Covid-19 it returned for it's 10th year in 2023.



First held in 2009 by Sheba and her mate at the time at Zoomdweebies Tea Bar in Wichita KS. After several years of hiatus it restarted by Sheba and her new mate Varaleo.

Guests of Honor[edit]

  • 2009: N/A
  • 2012: N/A
  • 2013: N/A
  • 2014: Sheba Wolf
  • 2015: Zahzu
  • 2016: Hexadoodle
  • 2017: Octave Mutt
  • 2018: Pyro Phoenix
  • 2019: Dragon Mom
  • 2023: Sheba Wolf (Unofficial)
  • 2024: Frostbite

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