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FurTube is a furry-oriented video-hosting website, hosted by Magnify.net. It was started in Spring 2008 by Jayson Husky, but it is now administered by Mouschi. Since the beginning of July 2010 FurTube has been under discussions whether to continue online, currently no decision has been made. If one attempts to upload a new video to the site, they go to a display screen saying that it has reached it's upload maximum.[1]

[edit] Hosting

Most of the videos displayed on FurTube are hosted from YouTube and other services, but some of the videos are uploaded to FurTube by members. Placing FurTube on its own domain name, independent of a third-party hosting service, is a future endeavor.

The forum for members and administrators is hosted by Subfurvient.

[edit] Future plans

Special status accounts are to be reserved for conventions and art websites. A blog service collecting news is planned, as well as an improved forum and additional moderators.

[edit] References

  1. http://furtube.magnify.net/publish/

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