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FurSETI is a Furry SETI@home team founded and announced on alt.fan.furry on May 24, 1999 by Rainshadow, helping with the "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" (SETI) scientific experiment with their Internet-connected home, work and college computers, via the distributed computing BOINC software.

The description of this team, as described by Rainshadow himself:

This is an open team dedicated to the creation and appreciation of all things anthropomorphic. Go SETI!!

As of August 2007, Whitefang Greytail took over the leadership and has since started to encourage more furries to help out with SETI search.

As of 19th Janurary 2011, there are 404 members, 46 of them being active (contact within the last 30 days).

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