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The logo for the FP/Furpleasure brand (image owned by Kit Keiko

FurPleasure, or FP, is a non-profit virtual furry community and brand within the online world of Second Life. The FurPleasure group has a cluster of sims, known as the FurPleasure Estates, which contain a club for live DJs, a large mall and various public and residential spaces.

FP is considered to be a mixed sim and club, welcoming nonfurs such as humans and therians. Staff members reflect this mix, as there are staff members that represent each group. It is firmly based in the "alternative" scene and is known for it's open attitude and outlook, often attracting non-scene furries.

FP is the common acronym for FurPleasure, used for branding and by members of the furry community in Second Life.


A selection of the trading cards from the early days of the club (created by Kit Keiko)

Furpleasure was the brainchild of the late AoD Enigma, an established furry artist, and was conceived during early 2006. AoD Enigma had been involved in FurNation Worlds but had wanted to spread his wings and build a new community that would be open to mixing furries, humans and therians. He gathered a small group together and set about making his dream happen. He began his dream with a club as the focal point for the new community. He recruited Snow Brewster his in-game partner as Manager/Hostess of the club, Kit Keiko as Head Dancer and Marketing and Thrakhath Karldfelt as the Head of the club's security and staff.

The First Club[edit]

The very first FP club in the highflyer sim

The first incarnation of FurPleasure was a moderately sized club in the Highflyer sim in second life. The club offered strippers and escorting in a friendly and comfortable environment. The club was well received and the loyal staff base grew to accommodate the increasing interest in it. The staff were marketed as personalities as a way to bring a face to the new community. A small collection of trading "cards" were produced, each featuring a staff member. During this period prominent FurPleasure admin Woofie Brisbane, Lexxie Copeland, Rez Coleman and Khalandar Truss all joined the staff.

The Second Club[edit]

Soon it had to expand and within a few short months it had moved just across the sim border into Sprawler and had grown into a large 3 floor complex. The new club featured a mall floor and a floor dedicated to private rooms for the growing escorts business, now handled by Rez Coleman. The club also saw its first live DJs during this period and Robyn Paperdoll, White Tandino, Harathoi Toman and Foxdie ghia all joined it's ranks.

The Birth of a Sim[edit]

The entrance to the 2006-2007 club

The third period in FurPleasure's history was started with the acquisition of the first sim, aptly named "FurPleasure". The sim contained a new club building, a separate mall and a collection of meeting places. It was also shared with the Iyeyasu Muromatchi and his family group. During this period it became apparent that AoD Enigma was terminally ill. On the 14th of October 2006, he passed away.

Transition and Growth[edit]

The memorial to AoD Enigma in the FP:Enigma sim

The aftermath of AoD's passing left the sim in a transitional period. The sim was transfered to Foxdie Ghia as per AoD's request and was to be run by Foxdie and Kit Keiko. The decision was made to make sure AoD's dream lived on, no matter what, and the staff at this point pulled closely together. Foxdie passed the sim over to Kit.

During the mourning period, FurPleasure grew by 2 sims.

Asian Delight[edit]

The family of Iyeyasu Muromatchi moved from the main sim to their own family sim. This sim was created shortly after AOD had passed away, along with FP Enigma. It remained next to FP Proteus, the main FP sim for almost 18 months before moving to another location as it did not share the same covenant.

FurPleasure Enigma[edit]
The club 2007 - 2008

A residential sim owned by Sunray Susenko. This sim also contains the memorial to AoD Enigma.

The main sim was rebuilt after the new sims were added. A fresh new look club and market were added and the meeting places expanded across the entire woodland sim. The escorting and strippers were dropped from the club while the sim regained some stability, concentrating on live DJ events and the community.

2008 - 2009[edit]

The club building, circa 2008 - 2009

Two years since the death of AoD, Furpleasure has under gone several serious changes. A year after his death is when the sim first adopted its urban punk/grunge appearance and has built on it since. The club build itself has adopted a mix of both electro and underground flair, the exterior appearing as a broken down dock side warehouse while the inside appears as a European style disco. The itself is themed after the underground scene, placing half of the sim as a ship yard with store houses and a loading area. The store houses are available (when open) for rent as privately owned stores. Some of these include Lostfurest and Uchi's Curious, where he sells his popular Kani avatars. The loading area is the mall, where open stalls can be rented on a month to month basis with no real limitation on what kind of product can be sold. Meaning the vendor does not have to be furry exclusive or owned by a furry. Another addition to the sim was the inclusion of the Moore Park (Named after AOD Enigma) which included Kelpie Cove and Nemain Abbey. Kelpie Cove was a rocky beach true to its name. It featured a 4x4 police cruiser with its head light visible at night, and mist like ghostly horses galloping across the water. To the east of the Cove is Nemain Abbey. A haunted and crumbling ruin of a church that, suggested by its still accessible basement, have have been anything but holy.

During 2008 Furpleasure had gained a New forest sim to the West of FP Proteus Named FP Artemis. After a short term on hiatus, the forest has returned.

FP Yokai was added and the FP Mall relocated to Yokai, making much more vendor space available. There still continues to be some vendor space due to the extensive size of the mall, based off art deco architecture. A new Residential sim, named Kalmeere, was recently added, to provide more living space that wished to dwell near Furpleasure.

2010 - 2011[edit]

The 2010-11 FP club. Taken during the memorial for AoD.
The 2010-11 interior of the FP club.

FurPleasure continued to be popular in Second Life with a steady and still growing community and it was still being run by Kit Keiko. It remained among several stores, a mall, and residential rental properties as well as the shipyard and a small beach area. New to the club, in this period, were theme days, such as Wild Wednesdays and Fetish Fridays.

During the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 the main sim of the FurPleasure Estates, FP Proteus, was rejuvenated. The old urban and "demolished" style was updated to a more overal modern and urban look. This included new streets, shops and street furniture, a forest, an icecream parlor, beach and lakeside boulevard. These improvements ensured that FurPleasure remained an interesting and stimulating place to visit for the entire community, human and furry alike.

The 2010-11 administrative staff of FurPleasure consisted of: Kit Keiko, Kudzumai Kinomis, Fox Stickfigure, Morbid Naimarc, Mori Torok and Drel Solo. Kit Keiko was still the main CEO of FurPleasure, supported with the rental management by Sunray Susenko and Rel Klaber. Together they managed to revive the staff of FurPleasure and continued to support FurPleasure as a living memory to AOD Enigma.

Current Status[edit]

After Sunray Susenko and Rel Klaber decided to concentrate mainly on the rental market within SL, the FP community and club moved to a temporary location away from the legacy sims. Although upsetting for the FP staff and community, the club thrived for a short time at it's new locale. Currently FurPleasure is on hold due to various staff real world health and economic factors.

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