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FurNet, a major furry IRC network, was created to replace Yiffnet after it was shut down in 2001. It is the most popular furry IRC network at present - with max users of 2500 in a 2 month period from 2014 mid-May to mid-July[1] connecting to its seven servers at any one time. With its large user base and a wide selection of established channels (1052-1086 visible channels in a 48-hour period during 2014 July 14-16[2]), it tends to attract the majority of furs new to IRC.

FurNet's web site includes a list of servers, three in the USA (alicorn, foxtaur & wolf servers), two in Germany (lynx & panther servers), one in Austria (kinglion server) and one in Australia (coyote server), which you can connect to. Website also links to suitable software for a variety of platforms.

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