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FurIronCity (FIC) is a furry group/organization in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, established on February 9, 2011, by Zanth Houley, Vil Sumwolf, and Waya Lockhart.

FIC has been organized to provide a base for furs in the central Alabama region (and beyond) to gather, belong, as well as participate in local charity works. It was established with several goals in mind:

  • To work together and gather support to start a furry convention in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • To give back to the community and charities.
  • To promote an excellent, healthy, and entertaining view of what "furry" is to the community; dispelling preconceived notions and negative associations.

FIC is working to help raise money for "Tigers For Tomorrow" (an animal sanctuary), through their partnership with a local Pizza Hut.

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