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Author(s) Miralindo
Launch date September 24, 2014 (original)
April 2016 (second edition)
End date June, 2019
Genre Social Network
Original FurGather logo

FurGather was a furry social networking website created by Sai Kitsune. The ownership was then given to Miralindo in May 2016.

The site went down on September 26, 2015, and the only word from staff upon a quick search was a tweet indicating they had some form of server trouble and would be rebuilding the site anew.[1]

In November 2016, the site was relaunched under the ownership of Floyd.[2]

In June of 2019 the website was shut down with the owners citing costs and a decline in user activity. FurGather continues to maintain groups on both Telegram and Discord.


  1. "Well, we have to start from scratch on the new system, but since we now have a working server, this shouldn't take too long." - FurGather, Twitter (26 September 2015)
  2. "Furgather is back up and under new ownership, you can check us out at Furgather.net You will have to create a new account as these are different platforms." - FurGather, Facebook (14 May 2016)

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