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FurDU (edit)
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FurDU 2011 was the second FurDU. It was hosted in the 'Vibe' Hotel, on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia, between the 15th and 17th of April, 2011. A total of 150 people attended.


The convention was themed as "Nightlife". As in 2010, the convention space remained quite minimalistic in appearance with the convention still encouraging furs to visits Gold Coast attractions.


Photo of attendees at the Mini Golf External Event at FurDU 2011

FurDU 2011 program still somewhat reflected the 2010 schedule, but with the inclusion of new events like a poker tournament, iron artist and furry game show now taking feature positions within the timetable. The Guitar Hero tournament was dropped from the schedule amidst concerns their was insufficient attendee interest and no gap within the program to include it.

During 2011, the convention still predominantly encouraged attendees to get out of the hotel and see the Gold Coast's attractions. The con book again included tourist information about locations and activities attendees could visit in the 'spare time' sections of the program.


  • Fursuit Dances
  • MiniGolf
  • Art Jam
  • Iron Artist
  • Poker Tournament
  • Timezone Trip
  • Super Smash Brothers Tournament
  • Fursuit Games



  • Kaz - Event Host
  • Sekular - Event Host
  • AtPaw - Fursuit Photographer
  • Esp - General Assistance
  • Jet Dingo - Convention Cinematography
  • Macroceli - T-Shirt Design & Artwork


  • Kaz
  • Husky
  • BigBlueFox - Pre-Recorded Set (Didn't Attend)
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