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FurDU 2010 Poster

FurDU 2010 was the first FurDU. It was also the first furry convention / furry party to ever be held on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia. It was hosted in the 'Vibe' Hotel, Surfers Paradise, between the 23th and 25th of April, 2010. A total of 92 people attended.


The convention's theme was "The Beach", however very little of the theme was recognizable inside the hotel itself. The convention space remained quite minimalistic in its presentation, in part due to FurDU's budget in its first year, but also with the intention of encouraging furs to venture outside to the beach some 500 meters away, a major attraction on the Gold Coast in its own right.


FurDU 2010 strongly promoted the idea for attendees to get out of the hotel and see the Gold Coast's attractions in their programming. The con book featured a number of pages with tourist information about locations and activities attendees could visit in the 'spare time' sections of the program.


  • Fursuit Dances
  • MiniGolf
  • Timezone Trip
  • Super Smash Brothers Tournament
  • Guitar Hero Tournament
  • Fursuit Games



Volunteers listed here are only those officially credited in the FurDU 2010 con book

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