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FurCon.de is a calendar for furry events in German-speaking countries. It was born following a furmeet on January 1, 2000. On March 23, 2003, it moved to a dedicated server in Texas, and on August 5, 2004, moved to its own server in Frankfurt, Germany, where it now resides.

On FurCon.de, furries of German-speaking countries are able to publish their own events. It also contains information on large conventions like Eurofurence. Annual meets and conventions can host their informational webpages on the server for free (as MMC does). Additionally, FurCon.de provides a large album for convention photos. Email functionality and registration systems are available as well, on request.

FurCon.de is one of the ventures hosted by FurHome.net. Responsible for the FurCon.de project is lizard.

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