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Fur4U (Furry Forum) was a resource community geared to and serving furry enthusiasts from all across the globe.


Fur4U was founded in January 2008 by SheWolf, after realizing that the furry community needed a more interesting and exciting approach to a community forum after participating and seeing what changes would be crucial in other forums to make it successful. Supported by fellow furries Drake Husky, Kiba Haruka and Keita, different aspects to what was needed that other forums didn't have was heavily thought out; it was apparent that changes were needed to get the new board up and functional as soon as possible. Fur4U was created then and expanded quickly as more and more furries caught on and joined in the ongoing randomness that the forum was known for. Various meetups and gatherings have taken place through the forum, and various contests were held that members could try out.

The board quickly caught on as a fun place to hang out and join in on various role playing scenarios. It wasn't too far after the fact that Drake Husky then opened up a chat room on mIRC through the Furnet Server, where members can also get together and talk about whatever happens to be going on.

Originally based out of Vernon, British Columbia, it catered to many furries from the lower mainland and the interior of British Columbia as well as Alberta, South Africa, USA, and the United Kingdom.

In May 2009, SheWolf did not renew the hosting contract for Fur4U, and the site has now gone offline.

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