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FuRio (often misspelled as "FurRio") was a monthly Furmeet taking place at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


FuRio was created on July 18, 2011 by Nielsen during the Brazilian furcon Pré-Abando in São Paulo. Nielsen discussed with a few members about the importance of having an official furmeet on Rio de Janeiro due to the lack of furry activities in that city and the increasing number of local furries.

The venue was cancelled in the spring of 2012 for unknown reasons.


The first attempt to set the meeting occurred the following week but did not get the expected adhesion. A second attempt was made on August 2011 and turned it into a solid idea after CaryKaiba joined the staff team, collaborating in many things including the official logo that allowed FuRio get noticed by using marketing campaigns. CaryKaiba also helped to define the mascots.

The meeting was broadcasted on Fauna Urbana, a Brazilian furry news portal, and Furry Brasil, a furry forum, then scheduled to be on August 21, 2011.

Philosophy and activities[edit]

The furmeet was open for both furries, and outsiders interested in learning more about the furry fandom, its culture and history. A very tolerant and respectful atmosphere was enforced by the whole team.

The activities include workshops, fursuit contests, picnics, strolls, hiking, games, and many other interaction sports open for guests.


Several sketches of mascots were made in an attempt to express the "Carioca" feeling of the meet.

Two animals were elected: Isabel, a female Rufous-bellied thrush, and Conrado, a male blue-eyed Sloth. Both were choosen due to the common presence among the wild species on Rio de Janeiro's forests. Their names represent the North and South zone of the city (Vila Isabel and São Conrado districts).

The logo features the Carioca Aqueduct, a well known tourist attraction in Rio. The reason of choice was to draw attention to the urbanistic beauty of landmarks in Brazil, rather than just beaches.



  • Licca Ham - Assistant and help staff (2011-2012)
  • CaryKaiba - Director of arts (2011-2012)

Dates and locations[edit]


Editions Dates Locations Attendees
FuRio #1 August, 21 Tijuca Shopping 18
FuRio #2 September, 18 Aterro do Flamengo 18
FuRio #3 October, 30 Lage Park 22
FuRio #4 November, 20 Quinta da Boa Vista. 22


Editions Dates Locations Attendees
FuRio #5 March, 18 Aterro do Flamengo 18
FuRio #6 May, 26 Rio Sul Shopping --
FuRio #7 To be set To be set --

Guests of Honor[edit]

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