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Fruxuyup Artist

Fruxuyup Artist (born August 3, 1999) is a furry from New South Wales, Australia. He is a self-taught cartoonist/artist, who specializes in anthro art.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Fruxuyup discovered the furry presence on Google Plus, and was interested by the idea of this wide internet subculture. He liked the fact that furries on Google Plus were a close and friendly group, which made it easier for him to meet people and make new friends. 

Fruxuyup has had a prolific online presence in the furry fandom. His artwork style and skill evolved gradually, over the tears, as he has adapted various styles and techniques. Fruxuyup has been the originator of a meme featuring his appreciation for meals from the KFC franchise. He is regularly making posts about his numerous breakfasts (“brekki”) or dinners (“dinna”) as he frequents the venue often. This meme originates from Australian slang, which Fruxuyup often uses (being Australian, himself) as often people have a hard time understanding what he is trying to say. He has even created an entire sub-section to his page in which he can account for each visit. This is often the source for jokes as Fruxuyup exaggerates his accent and uses obscure slang that to anyone who isnt Australian, would be confusing and meaningless.

Fruxuyup is a moderator for the ★║FURRIES║★ community on Google Plus, and has devoted a lot of his time to helping members with problems and keeping the community free of spam. Prior to his involvement with the community, Fruxuyup was often regarded as a rude and disrespectful character, but this changed when Snow Fangs (the owner of ★║FURRIES║★) personally reached out to him and offered he moderator position. This rise in responsibility caused Fruxuyup to mature his personality, from being hateful to helping members and becoming a role-model.

Fruxuyup operates a YouTube channel, where he posts the occasional "speedpaint" for his artwork. This channel is not updated very regularly, but serves as a secondary site to his Google Plus account where he spends most of his time online.

Voice appearances[edit]

Fruxuyup Artist took part in the "Moderator Podcast" trial video, held for the ★║FURRIES║★ community.[1] He also appears in part of the "Update Video" for the Moderator Podcast, in which he discusses topics of importance with a fellow moderators Snow Mitt Fluffs, Jakova Vladof and Avian Gaming).[2]

Fruxuyup made a guest appearance on the 500 Subscriber special for another YouTube channel, in which he talked with the host for a short while.[3]


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